LimeFX: A Broker Primed for Success


A fast-growing brokerage firm, LimeFX is steadily gaining popularity day by day. Since its inception back in 2008 by a group of financial professionals, LimeFX went from providing robots and Artificial Intelligence for automated trading to offering outstanding, comprehensive trading solutions internationally.

LimeFX’s headquarters are in London, with services initially not covering much as it concentrated only on European customers. However, since 2015, the list of countries that LimeFX serves has impressively expanded.

LimeFX has received quite a significant number of reviews. Varying in nature, LimeFX is no stranger to praises and constructive criticism over the years. However, it has beeen called names. Some people are quick to say that LimeFX is a scammer; LimeFX cheating is not an entirely new accusation. But despite its good reputation, we are led to ask: Is LimeFX: Scam or not?

To answer: LimeFX is NOT a scammer.

Today we will dispel the myths surrounding LimeFX alongside glaring disinformation about the Forex trading industry non-traders and inexperienced novice traders, unfortunately, subscribe to.

To give an idea, we will discuss LimeFX’s offers at length, including its account types, native trading platform, and samplings of LimeFX customer reviews subdivided into Positive, Neutral, and Negative assessments from actual customers who have experienced LimeFX service firsthand. 

LimeFX Review

LimeFX is an international brokerage firm and comprehensive trading solutions provider with the mission of giving traders a great venue to transact different financial assets, such as stocks, indexes, international currencies, and various commodities. LimeFX shares with its clients a significant number of advantages:

1.     Additional data protection alongside high reliability of operations.

2.     Increased speed of order execution and detailed trading history.

3.     Instant push notifications with information about orders traders had placed.

4.     More than 200 financial assets, indicators, and analysis systems.

5.     High-speed switching between accounts.

6.     The capability of controlling account balances.

7.     Personal manager.

As mentioned earlier, before becoming a well-known brokerage today, LimeFX developed robots for automatic trading. All trades were made on the international market. Do note. A trader does not simply buy and sell any assets from LimeFX, a misconception causing many would-be traders to say LimeFX is a scammer—a complete falsehood.

LImeFX has numerous offerings under its artillery. Take, for example, LimeFX’s Educational Center, wherein enthusiastic beginners can heighten their novice skills. There is an abundance of materials available there that can aid newbies become hardened professionals; these include different webinars, electronic books, video lessons, to mention a few.

LimeFX brings a handsome lot of attractive offers. LimeFX is proud to present its Investor Simulator that gives traders the capability of experiencing trading without endemic risks as real money is earned.

But what is LimeFX’s Investor Simulator exactly? As already mentioned, this is an effort set up by LimeFX that allows traders to administer simulated trades, thus arming them with simulated strategies in real-time. But LimeFX brings it up to five notches higher by letting beginners earn money from the mere practice. Traders get real income without the usual risks accompanying real-life trading. Traders are not open to losing money, and their earnings are credited to their account as bonuses. With an improved and fortified Demo Account, traders can test LimeFX’s trading platform, learn to make orders, test personal strategies, or simply open an order a trader is not sure about through the Investor Simulator.

So how does one use LimeFX’s Investor Simulator? Follow these simple steps:

1.     Register through LimeFX’s website.

2.     Create an account there.

3.     Make an initial deposit between 500$ and 5000$.

4.     Start trading!

LimeFX traders are given two weeks to trade. All earnings are saved on the trader’s account as bonuses if the user earns from simulated trades. Should simulated training become unsuccessful, LimeFX returns all losses to the trader. This alone says volumes about LimeFX’s reliability.

LimeFX knows that two weeks are enough for most traders to effectively learn basic trading principles to prime them for actual trading ahead.

Thanks to LimeFX’s educational center, trading can become even more efficient. Traders are, of course, encouraged to read all articles, blogs, and books created by experts, watch videos, and read available analytics.

Account Types Available Through LimeFX

LimeFX has many account types for its client base’s varying goals, ambitions, and wallets. A $500 minimum deposit is held cheapest among LimeFX’s offerings. Meanwhile, $50,000 is LimeFX’s most expensive. Minimum orders within LimeFX are at 0,1 per lot.

To create a LimeFX account, traders are required to register online. Traders only need a few minutes to accomplish registration by filling out a small questionnaire. Next, traders need to choose their desired LimeFX account type and make a deposit.

It is no surprise that a trader’s choice of LimeFX account type impacts withdrawal speed. If a trader elects to open a VIP Account, the trader is given priority in receiving funds. Meanwhile, a LimeFX basic account lets traders withdraw money according to standard rules.

All LimeFX traders can use additional services, such as the LimeFX Educational Center or analytics articles.

All LimeFX VIP accounts are divided into three types:

1.     Silver. This account provides users with a personal analyst.

2.     Gold. In addition to the personal analyst, a user gets a 30-minute account review every week.

3.     Platinum. This account type supports a quarterly trade plan written by LimeFX professionals.

Aside from the aforementioned opportunities, traders are also in on these advantages from LimeFX VIP Accounts:

1.     A personal trading strategy development with an expert

2.     Real-time trading demonstration

3.     Developed trading instruments.

LimeFX’s VIP Accounts lets traders train through the Investor Simulator even more effectively through the support from a personal analyst. This increases the chances to finish the two weeks with profit. A personal analyst makes trading activities more thrilling.

One of LimeFX’s special account offerings is the Islamic Account. Otherwise known as a Swap-Free Account, Muslim traders are allowed to make transactions without violating Sharia Law. To avail of one, Islamic traders need to contact their personal managers.

Trading Conditions Fostered by LimeFX

LimeFX supports all popular payment methods. Other trading conditions LimeFX traders are privy to include:

1.     Minimum deposit – 500 USD

2.     More than 180 trading assets, allowing traders to be flexible in building well-rounded  trading portfolios

3.     Many account options for different types of LimeFX traders

4.     Fast order execution

5.     A detailed history of orders

6.     Trading in one click.

Is LimeFX Unreliable? Some Facts Regarding Trading

Why do so many people assume that trading with LimeFX is a bad idea? Fact is, many myths were spread globally through online forums and reviews that ultimately confuse newcomers. Let us describe some of the most glaring myths many people subscribe to:

1.     Trading is gambling.

Untrue. Trading requires analytical skills and basic knowledge in economics. Gambling relies on luck. Results rarely rely on the gambler, if not at all. Meanwhile, trading is a conscious process. Traders should understand as well that results, while they rely on their efforts, are not entirely detached from certain outside factors. Things like current political situations, ecological problems, social issues, etc., all play into how market behavior would look like, where prices would end up, how market volatility will drive certain assets, to mention a few.

2.     No need to worry. Trading eventually leads to success.

All brokers say trading is associated with huge risks. LimeFX could not stress it further. LImeFX’s admission paints it into a positive corner, strongly suggesting legitimacy. If traders make ill-conceived, uninformed deals they are gearing themselves for loss. Brokers can only help individuals; something LimeFX is well-versed with. The trader controls all other aspects. Even experts make mistakes, something completely normal. However, a lot of beginners accuse LimeFX of being a scammer upon losing. Adopting such a mindset dispels all chances of success in trading.

3.     Some assets grow regularly.

Believing in such falsehood leads many traders to lose money. All financial instruments change prices through time. Even if prices are growing, some changes may and will happen. Price changes are associated with many opportunities, something that beginners need to understand.

4.     The best moment to buy is when the asset reaches its maximum price.

Again, false! After hitting maximum prices, asset prices always fall. The best time to buy financial instruments is when prices are at the lowest.

5.     Traders can earn money without risks.

Flat-out NO. Risks grow simultaneously with possibilities of getting better income. First, a trader should make low-risk orders. It is only after a while they can gradually switch to riskier financial instruments. However, traders are supposed to engage in some assets with lower risks to diversify their portfolios. Engaging in such effectively protects a trader’s money from losses.

To sum up, all responsibility is not delegated to brokerages. While not all, traders control most of the trading aspects. Simply put, trading is a risky financial activity. But if one shows interest in it, he can possibly reap huge successes through consistent effort.

Is LimeFX a scam?

So let’s ask what has been going through our minds since the start of the discussion: Is LimeFX a scam?

Short answer: NO.

There are many reasons why LimeFX is not a scam. LimeFX does not make unrealistic promises. Scammers do. These individuals usually promise guaranteed wealth and success, leading many to trust them blindly.

On the LimeFX official website, traders can read the following information: “Trading on the currency market is associated with risks. We highly recommend you to read our conditions before you make investments”. Companies like LimeFX that make these declarations are not indicative of legitimacy.

The second reason why you can trust LimeFX is its regulatory status. LimeFX is sanctioned by the CFTC, a U.S. licensed entity.

One more reason we can’t consider LimeFX a scammer is in light of numerous positive reviews and a small number of negative reviews it had been receiving throughout its run. Some LimeFX reviews are neutral. This is essential even if positive reviews were bought, only the negative ones could characterize LimeFX as a scammer.

Unsatisfied traders are more likely to write negative reviews, unlike satisfied ones who do not always take time to write positive reviews. If positive LimeFX reviews were bought, we would see many negative reviews anyway. Additionally, all honest brokers have quality customer support. Their performance determines how good they are, and we can tell so through client reviews.

LimeFX is an STP broker. A technology that allows traders not to contact their broker directly and make orders at the best price, STP is reliable, thus making trading with LimeFX safe.

Here, we need to describe STP technology in greater detail to help traders understand why employing such proves LimeFX is not a scammer.

STP technology

There are two types of intermediaries within the financial market. These are brokers and dealers.

Many Forex brokers function asr dealers. Dealers own financial assets and are capabile of buying and selling them at an established price. Dealers have the liberty of changing financial instruments prices manually. Logically, traders lose because dealers do not show a price based on market parameters. Dealers set the price at which traders are ready to buy. Finding trading newbies who will buy those assets by relying on their emotions is an easy task.

An honest broker works using NDD technology (STP is one of the types of it). NDD allows users to get access to the market without subscribing to intermediaries. Prices are set by big banks and other subjects that build markets.

A most exciting feature of STP brokers is DMA. Acronym for Direct Market Access, DMA gives traders direct access to markets. When brokers execute orders, they can offer the best possible price with a small commission. Prices are always honest while permitting traders to make orders at prices similar to other companies, albeit slightly.

LimeFX Trading platform

LimeFX has a trading platform based on one page. To commence trading through the platform, go to the LimeFX site, create an account, enter the LimeFX login credentials and start trading.

LimeFX has a demo account that allows traders to test trading processes. When traders create a demo account, they get 25 thousand faux dollars to spend on different assets. Traders can increase their qualifications thanks to the Demo Account.

LimeFX’s trading platform works on any P.C. or Mac with a modern web browser and a stable internet connection. It is pretty simple but well-thought-out and completely intuitive. Traders can set up the graphs and choose any needed timeframe for trading. The platform supports many trading indicators, including the usual ones such as Moving Average, RSI, among others.

Initially, LimeFX traders could trade Binary Options via a mobile application. Now they don’t have this possibility due to a prohibition set by Google and Apple. While unfortunate, LimeFX subscribes to it knowing that these industry titans are independent companies capable of doing anything. To reiterate, LimeFX is regulated by CFTC, making any applications it chooses to release credible.

In response, LimeFX created a web application with the same functionality. Users need not install an app to access LimeFX’s trading platform. All they need are internet access and a reliable browse on their device. Named, LimeFXGO, traders can trade all instruments supported by LimeFX, giving traders the opportunity of trading financial assets from just about anywhere.

LimeFX’s Special Offerings

LimeFX is both a Forex and Binary Options brokerage. Traders can trade specific currencies or try to predict their prices.

If a trader delves in Forex instruments, they can use the leverage. It is set at the 1:500 level. Recommendable for professional traders trading at such enables multiple advantages for them. But if the trader is a beginner, they are only in on higher risks.

What is leverage? Leverage is a multiplicator that increases the number of traders’ investments for a fee. For example, leverage 1:100 makes the investment 100 times bigger. If a trader invests 1 dollar, all other money broker invests instead of him. At the same time, the profit and losses will be considered as if the trader invested all that money. If losses are close to the trader’s deposit or a certain part of it, the order closes. This is called “margin call.” Even the slightest price change can make a trader either very rich or very poor. That’s why LimeFX advises traders not to invest their money with leverage if most orders are unprofitable.

One of LimeFX’s most exciting features is SMS analytics. Traders can avail of the application from the site.

What is LimeFX’s SMS analytics exactly? The function allows traders to get prepared signals through their smartphones to make profitable orders. However, traders are supposed to use their heads and experts are people too and utterly susceptible to mistakes. Traders should understand that they have a huge stake in all trading results.

LimeFX Forex reviews

Let’s analyze some LimeFX reviews because of these articulate plenty about the broker’s services. Of course, some reviews may be bought and, therefore, fake. Due to this, one needs to look at what is being said. Readers need to understand which factors are the most important for them to ask more informed questions.

Positive reviews

1.     I started collaborating with this company seven months ago. I am satisfied at this moment. To be more specific, I want to bring your attention to the excellent work of the trading platform, tight spreads, and fast customer support. It’s a very hard task to work to get the money from bonuses. However, every trader who has enough trading experience can do it. I haven’t ever faced any trouble with withdrawals. I have always got them fast: in 3-4 days. Moreover, I want to say about the high quality of SMS signals. They always help me to make money on the financial market using the services of this broker.

2.     I can say only good things about this broker. I have been trading for almost 1,5 years. The trading conditions are desirable to me. With the first withdrawal, I was worried about it, but all my fears have not been confirmed. In comparison to other brokers, all orders are executed fast. You can be sure that the money will be in your wallet in 5 days. I want to mention customer support separately. It is very professional and polite.

3.     A great company! My personal manager was very qualified and told me a lot about the secrets of trading. Also, I could familiarize myself with analytical articles about the financial market. I am delighted. I can always contact customer support if I have any questions. It answers very fast and sorts everything out in my excited mind. I need 3-4 days to withdraw my money. This is not such a bad result for me.

4.     We see that the LimeFX positive reviews speak well of the broker while varying in what these are actually saying. Some describe LimeFX more neutrally, while some even negatively. Let’s look at these LimeFX reviews for a complete picture.

Neutral LimeFX customer reviews

Most neutral reviews consist of a description of both positive and negative aspects of collaborating with LimeFX. Here are some of them:

1.     I decided to create a more precise understanding of this broker. Now, my impression is OK. This company offers a great mobile platform. Also, I liked the investor simulator because it is a great method to make trading more understandable for a beginner. I am not a beginner, but this feature is very interesting for new traders. As for negative aspects, the withdrawal is not as fast. I need a week to get my money. I understand that they check the completion of all requirements and lack of violations, but I hope they will do it faster. Is LimeFX fraud? No. I have some complaints, but they are not connected with dishonest actions.

2.     I have been trading on this platform for seven months. I can share my impressions. In general, I can say that this company is reliable. The trading platform has a lot of features. There are a lot of financial assets. However, managers make me sick, although such annoying managers are everywhere. Also, I would like to have my money faster. I don’t know why they are so slow, but I need to wait for them for ten days.

3.     This is an average broker for trading. I don’t have any significant complaints about this company. I opened my account five months ago. My impressions about trading conditions are expected. SMS analytics aren’t bad. I have made many successful orders thanks to it. As for withdrawal, I ordered it several times. I can’t say that it is fast. I have always got my money on the fifth day. Customer service is slow. I needed to wait for an answer. You should understand that if you don’t get the answer, customer service doesn’t ignore you. You simply need to wait sometime. Does LimeFX lie? No, and that’s what matters to me. I am not going to change the broker.

Negative reviews

1.     They are extremely annoying. I don’t want to invest more money than I want. Also, this company has high withdrawal limits. You need to have a huge deposit to do it. Fortunately, I have been able to do it. However, this broker isn’t for beginners.

2.     Very slow technical support and withdrawals. I had been waiting for a lot of time until I got the answer. I don’t want to collaborate with this company. It isn’t a scammer, but such long responses drive me crazy.

3.     We see that the negative reviews consist of similar negative content the neutral and positive ones share. However, in comparison to these they were held significant only to them. Does LimeFX cheat according to these reviews? Certainly not! No one said that LimeFX has made even the smallest dishonest action.

Should We Trust LimeFX Forex broker?

There are a lot of brokers who are scammers. LimeFX is not one of them. LimeFX is an honest company because it is regulated by the CFTC in the U.S. CFTC is a government agency, and its mission is to maintain the quality and competent work of financial markets. Also, CFTC protects traders from scammers and abuse. Only the best brokers can get the official U.S. license. Usually, the United States blocks most companies that work on the Forex market or trade-in Binary options. If the U.S. grants an entity such a license, it is a good sign.

All client funds are saved on separate accounts in the Harris Bank and Fifth Third Bank. All data is protected through the Secure Sockets Layer application. LimeFX’s servers are likewise protected by SSL encryption. All LimeFX transactions are safe, thanks to the international first-level payment service provider. All these are configured into LimeFX being a trustworthy broker.

LimeFX is sponsored by VISA and MasterCard, which is another reason to trust it. Moreover, this is a reason why all transactions are done without commissions.

The LimeFX Takeaway: Summing Up

LimeFX is not a scammer. You can trust this company. There are a lot of reasons why this statement is true:

1.     There are a large number of positive and neutral reviews. Negative reviews do not say that this broker is a scammer. While some people complain about the time of withdrawal and response of LimeFX’s customer support, this fact does not impact other people.

2.     LimeFX is regulated by CFTC.

3.     LimeFX is protected from hackers.

4.     The users’ funds are saved on independent bank accounts.

These are testaments to LimeFX’s reliability. Traders could make a profit through LimeFX if they qualified enough. Many people want to prove the statement “Why Forex is a scam” using dishonest brokers as an example. But at the same time, they don’t say anything about the actual brokerages. Go to the LimeFX official site ( and check it out for yourself.

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